Man arrested for drunk-in-the-Spirit driving

Lark News reports:

FORT MORGAN, Colo. — Bill Henderson hopped in his F-150 pickup after a revival service where he'd been powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit. But at a check point just outside of town, police officers pulled him over and arrested him for "driving while spiritually intoxicated."

"He was swerving all over the road, and laughing and staggering around when we got him out of the truck," says an officer.

Henderson could not stand on one leg, nor walk a straight line, and was thrown into the city jail for the night, where he giggled and spoke in tongues.

"I was so high on the Holy Spirit, it was a good night for me, no matter where I was," he says. Fort Morgan's "drunk-in-the-Spirit driving" ordinance prohibits people from driving in "a mentally impaired or intoxicated state." Police perch near revival meetings to hand out tickets to erratic drivers. The city is also considering a law against "spiritual drunkenness among young people" which could land pastors and visiting evangelists in hot water.

Henderson drove home from jail the next morning, and says the $55 fine won't deter him from attending revivals and "receiving from the Lord."

"But next time, I'll bring a designated driver," he says.

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