Augmented reality closer to reality

I caught an interesting story on Beyond Tomorrow earlier this evening that featured some of the latest augmented reality (AR) prototypes.

For those that have never heard of it, augmented reality is the total reverse of virtual reality. Instead of you entering the computer’s world, it enters yours via heads-up-display style glasses. I’ve been reading that this hot new technology is on the way for ages but these were the first working products I’ve seen.

The interactive children’s books caught my eye in particular. As News Target recounts:

“A child can flip through its pages and read it like a conventional book. But with a handheld display and computer vision tracking technology, kids can literally watch the story come to life. ‘You can see animated virtual characters overlaid on the real book pages and hear the voice of Gavin Bishop reading the story,’ says Billinghurst, director of the HIT Lab NZ…”

Makes me wonder how long off the worlds first augmented reality bible is. Could be R-rated, particularly if Mel Gibson sponsors it. Actually…maybe the bit about David’s bride price for Saul's daughter (1 Samuel 18:27) is best left in 2D text. Anyway, you get the idea, a world of interactive possibilities …

Here’s some links for further reading:

Beyond Tomorrow

Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand
(Lot’s of prototypes featured here)

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