The latest issue of Sacred Tribes Journal is now (finally) out. I've yet to go through it all so I'll save any further commentary for the moment other than to say is a bumber crop of articles related to neo-paganism.

Summary of topics:

Part One: Fact-finding and Reflections

  • Christians and the New Pagans – Nicola Hoggard Creegan
  • Contributing Factors in the Resurgence of Paganism in Western Society – Michael Cooper
  • Postmodern Counterculture – Michael Cooper
  • Neo-Paganism: Is Dialogue Possible – McLean
  • Musterion – God's Story & Our Story – Saxby
  • Wiccans and Jesus – Woolcott
    Neopagan and Wiccan Views – Schulzer

Part Two: Dialogue and Challenge

  • The Wheel of the Year – Smulo, Stewart & Hallum
  • Paganism, New Spirituality, and Christianity: Looking for a Holistic Ecological Ethic – John Smulo
  • Animals and Morality: Four Views – John Smulo
  • Animals Matter to God – Pollard/Johnson
  • The Deeper Magic: Paganism & Christianity in Kenneth Grahame and C. S. Lewis – Jon Trott
  • Reading and Reference Room – Johnson

I commend this to Emerging Church leaders as a valuable resourse for learning about new spirituality in the emerging culture.

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