Vilification Sentencing in Melbourne

Duncan McLeod had been blogging about the recent sentencing of two ministers from“Catch The Fire Ministries” for religious vilification against Muslims. He says:

I’m reading a number of Christian bloggers bemoaning the threat to free speech, claiming they’ll no longer be able to proclaim the truth in their churches. There’s a fear that the anti-vilification laws will prevent a critique of other religions.

The truth’s a lot more than what’s wrong with someone else. Yes speaking the truth should be marked honesty. But that honesty should be one of care for accuracy, humility and self control. We should be aware of the impact of our words.

Only too true! Wasn’t one of the ten commandments: thou shalt not bear false witness? Fellow Christian bloggers, let’s remove the log from our own eye first. The sentencing raises serious questions about the integrity of these two ministers. Read the case before you rush to the defensive.

One thought on “Vilification Sentencing in Melbourne

  1. I think that Jesus was intentional, you know, in saying “Love your neighbour as yourself”… blissfully vauge 🙂
    If Jesus didn’t say: Love those who look/believe/dress/whatever like you… then I guess we shouldn’t be doing that.


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