A ROCHA UK Event – Hope For The Planet in London

Conference for Christian Leaders,

Thursday 24th November 2005.

Ice-shelves melting, forests shrinking, emissions growing, species disappearing …

What hope is there for the planet?

In the sober realism of a post-tsunami world, this conference will bring together top theologians, scientists, and hands-on conservationists from five continents, to look at how the Christian message is one of liberating hope for the whole creation. The day aims to be biblical and practical, aimed particularly at church leaders, but essential to all thinking Christians.

Confirmed speakers already include Peter & Miranda Harris, Sir Ghillean Prance, Elaine Storkey and Prof Alister McGrath.

For more see A Rocha UK.

A ROCHA UK is about caring for creation and transforming communities through practical, local conservation projects.

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