What would Rick Warren’s famous book have looked like if it had been based on an incarnational-mission model instead of an attractional-extractional one?

Days 01-08: Worship. A lot more consideration would have been given to out-of-the-box spirituality. Consider Daniel worshipping in exile with his window open and Paul worshipping in a prison. The “you-come-to-us” mentality is absent. Consider this, how often did Jesus or Paul worship at church?

Days 09-16: Fellowship. More consideration would have been given to how Christians meet on Mondays than on Sundays. How do we collaborate in modelling alternate community at work and at play? Note that when the Jerusalem Christians met at the Temple every day (see Acts) this was after the crucifixion had negated the need for ritual sacrifice. They were modelling Christian community in a non-Christian setting.

Days 17-24: Discipleship. More consideration would have been given to action-reflection forms of learning. The Jesus lifestyle would be learned in the context of everyday life. Greater focus would be given to the fruits of the spirit (eg. faith, hope and love) expressed in everyday situations and less to the signs of institutional enculturation (eg. bible study, regular meeting attendance, jargon literacy). Vocational mentoring would have a much higher priority.

Days 25-32: Ministry. People who are on too many church rosters and service-based teams would be reprimanded for not allowing sufficient time to serve people outside the box.

Days 33-40: Evangelism. Inviting people to culturally alien services would be viewed as a form of syncretism / cultural imperialism. Priority would be given to sending people out not dragging people in.

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