More on Vampires

I thought I’d add to my recent post on the Vampire subculture by adding a link to “The Bloody Gospel”, an interesting contextualisation experiment originally housed at Pale Rider’s website.

Unfortunately, it turns out it is now offline. Fortunately, however a few of the articles, including the “Christ of the Vampires” study were rescued from archieves by Nitallica, a Vampire, and are now hosted at The Coven.

This in itself would seem to be a testament to the power of cultural contextualisation.

As another digression, why not also check out Christian Goth, a website for Christian goths obviously.

One thought on “More on Vampires

  1. My friend David Dellman has a site:
    that I like much better. He’s in the middle of crunch time as he’s putting on an event in Maine. I think this is the 2nd one. He’s a good guy and authentic and humble. Much less the Fashion Goth and more the Romantic Goth. There are so many “types”.
    Fun book:
    “The Goth Bible”
    ~by Nancy Kilpatrick
    Not Christian, just sort of a tour guide of Gothdom. It ‘splains alot and there are lots of profiles of the various freaks and lots and lots of great url’s.
    I think I understand Pale Rider’s intent on that Bloody Gospel thing, but it actually trivializes both Goth and the Gospel that way. Part of the reason some of these people are “deadly” serious is because they are looking for the Sacred. Life and Death are so serious and our consciousness of each can never be intense enough.
    There are those who are looking for blood and guts too, and if you scratch them you’ll find out if they’re just into shock value or if they’re deeply intrigued by something there. Something under the skin, something in the “flesh with the blood still in it…” All that stuff is very serious and deep and deserves appropriate reverential treatment.
    All the sexuality and Eros surrounding it is a desperate way of expressing and engaging the longing for the Eternal and the salvation and redemption that are felt in our most vulnerable and hidden places. The more secular society represses the normal human need to be saved (even the Church denies us full expression of this need and offers instead the opportunity to close our eyes, bow our heads, pray quietly, drink grape juice from tiny plastic cups and bite down on tiny hard cracker crumbs), the more powerful these impulses will become.
    “I stand before His Light
    Not what we say
    But what He says is right
    Nothing else hidden
    It’s all exposed
    He endured the pain
    And carries all the load
    In His light
    I became broken
    My heart it sheds
    Little pieces of my past
    I reached as a child
    I am His child…
    I stand before His Light
    I stand before His Light
    I stand before His Light
    The Truth will unfold
    We stand before His Light
    We stand before His Light
    We stand before His Light
    [chanted together with above]
    Jesus is the King of Kings
    Jesus is the Lord of Lords
    He will cleanse you of your sin
    He will cleanse you with His blood”
    ~Eva O


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