Sacred Footsteps Tour – Buddhists of Oz

Open Faith Network reports that Geshe Sonam Thargye, the monk who organised the sand mandala at Erina Fair earlier this year, is the teacher at the Drol Kar Buddhist Centre in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

The site contains an itinerary for their Sacred Footsteps Tour earlier this year and more information about the Drol Kar Buddhist Centre.

For more on Buddhism in Australia see:

A multi-faceted religious community

Budda Net

Note: Contrary to the claims of this last article, Nature Religions are now the fastest growing in Australia and Buddhism is the second fastest. But, this inaccuracy aside, the phenomenal growth of Buddhism and the associated issues highlighted by the article do deserve more attention. One of the ironies of Austalian church life is that many Christians believe Islam to be the fastest growing religion in the country. This owes more to post-September 11 media hype than any objective assessment of the facts (Muslim growth actually ranks way down at fourth!)  but hey, whoever said the Australian church had a firm grip on reality? I offer this in hope that we can begin to look at our land with our eyes open just a little wider.

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