Liminal Space

I am in a fairly liminal space right now. Lots of things that were overshadowing us over the last few weeks are coming to a close but the new has yet to emerge.

The looming retrenchment of myself and my collegue has finally come to pass and I walked out of my North Sydney office for the last time work today. I received a nice package so I won’t be hard up for a while yet and I have a few irons in the fire already but for the time being I join the ranks of the unemployed.

Earlier this morning my wife called to say her grandfather has died after anticipating this for some time now. It’s sad but his quality of life was virtually non-existant in the last two weeks so there’s a sence of closure too.

The car broke down and had to be towed. So I’m currently without a mobile or transport. I feel technologically disconnected. Thank God we got the computer back today.


2 thoughts on “Liminal Space

  1. The words “technologically disconnected” made me smile… I am “technologically challenged”! At least when it comes to electronics. It recently took me 2 hours to try and figure out how to make my blog – and it was a wizard type setup (“Jen’s musings”)! I like traditional technology, like potato peelers, watering cans, tools, etc. My hands seem to work better than my brain!
    🙂 Jen


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