I've been updating my categories to more accurately reflect the threads on this blog, and when it came the the "Emerging Missional Communities" category I realised I have only once mentioned my discipleship group, Anything Goes, on this blog. Duh!

I suppose part of the reason is that a lot of what goes on needs to remain personal and confidential but I've mentioned it on my meditation blog ekstasis and my old blog circle of dionysius which were not aimed so specifically at an emerging church audience so it really a bit of a blunder on my part.

Anyway, the basic story is, as the name implies, its a small group forum where pretty much any topic is up for grabs. Previously we've covered a range of issues related to: living in a world of religious pluralism, practical spirituality and revisiting Christian teaching from alternate perspectives.

Last night we looked at the topic of "hope" which I think is much neglected in typical church discipleship programs in comparison to teaching on "faith" and "love". Yet Paul identifies it as one of the three most important indicators of genuine Christian Church growth. So we explored the nature of our hope (which should not be limited to "justification", "revival" or "left behind" dispensationalist trash), the foundation of our hope in the resurrection of Christ, and the indicators of hope. We focussed quite a bit on courage, and what inspires people to risk all for something seemily ephemeral as "hope"

As for the weeks ahead. We're having a break for the school holidays over the next two weeks and re now talking of kicking off next term with a dinner, probably at the Sicilian restaurant in Parramatta. Anyway have to sit down with Jen and discuss the direction for next term when we get a chance.

2 thoughts on “Anything Goes

  1. I’ve been enjoying your blog. I also think Hope is underrepresented. I blogged a little on Hope here. A friend of mine and I have been discussing Faith, Hope, and Love and what we think are their antitheses: Lust, Greed, and Pride. You can read the summary here.
    Thanks again for the insight.


  2. Hi Matt,
    It is nice to hear how things went on Friday. I was still quite ill and at that point wasn’t even up to reading or checking emails etc, hence to lack of activity on my blog last week.
    I am looking forward to catching up with you about next term – am also thinking it would be good to catch up with Steve Bennett and chat with him about his new group up on the coast. Perhaps share some wisdom with each other, etc. Might be good to go on up there, perhaps also share some food and wine. I am pretty keen to see how his group develops!
    🙂 Jen Reed


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