Anything Goes: update

Well Anything Goes seems set to enter its third incarnation.

As I mentioned previously I have been contemplating changing the gathering format to make the conversations more accessible to irregular visitors and also to engaging conversation partners from beyond our core group. I met up with Jenny last night and we now seem to have a clear path ahead.

The plan is to keep meeting twice a month into next year but to structure both of the meetings for each month differently. To begin with, starting this October, we will be inviting a guest speaker for one of the meetings each month. This will be done around a meal in a fairly relaxed, informal way. I envisiage a 30 minute talk being followed by open dialogue over a few glasses of wine, coffee or substance of choise. Jenny has already sounded out Mike Frost who seemed interested but I’d envisiage leaving that till later next year. I have many contacts to draw on and till we bed down the format I’ll be looking at guests closer to home. To keep the dialogue edgy I will also be inviting local Hindu and Sudanese Christian (we have a large population in our area) and other contacts to share their perspectives and not merely ‘safe’ Aussie evangelical speakers speaking on ‘safe’ subjects. I particularly would like to have a Christian-Wiccan dialogue night early into next year. Possibly around Imbolc. I was involved in an interesting night along these lines with John Smulo last year and am keen to build on the opportunities this raised. The aim of these conversations will be to stretch our understandings of the culture around us and what Christ may be saying to us in these contexts.

The alternate meetings are envisiaged as being ‘essentials’ nights with the focus being on core Christian issues but with keen attention to separating these out of their cultural accretations and looking at what shape they may take in cultural postmodernity. I envisiage this will be more for the core members but irregular visitors will be welcome here too as always.

I am excited about the new shape this is taking. Just pray it all works out.

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