More thoughts on archetypes and the stories we live by. Exoteric religion emphasises the historic. Esoteric spirituality emphasises the mythic. But in Jesus the historic and mythic find integration and union.

One thought on “Historic ~ Mythic

  1. …and the Heavens opened and the angels sang…
    “Glory to God in the Highest!”
    I’m reading some new snippets from Wilber about a third thing now. I can’t wait until I understand it better. But apparently there is larger matrix that can contain, but does not require, the metaphysical. Ideas that reject the metaphysical can now be reconciled without doing violence to it. Up until this point, there has been alot of force generated to deny or destroy metaphysical stuff due to resentment about its limitations, but he’s figuring out how to get around that and integrate it all. OMG I can’t wait!
    [squeeks with antici…………pation!]


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