I’ve been reminded that Converse is on tonight 6pm at Mars Hill Cafe.

Topic is: Where does sin fit into being missional?

We live in a world where Christian symbols and language is everywhere but they now mean something completely different. Who would think the wonder of the incarnation would be reduced to that symbol of consumer excess, the Christmas tree, or that the easter bunny could encapsulate the resurrection?

Christian words have also lost their currency. Words like sin. How do we talk about sin in a world acquainted with evil but otherwise ignorant about its relational qualities, where the symbolic world it evokes is otherwise unknown? Words like law, obedience and submission all fall flat. How do we have a conversation about sin in a postmodern world when our concepts are all so medieval?

To help us engage in the conversation we’ll work with Scripture and films like Return of the King, The Corporation, Dead Man Walking, Angels in America and American Beauty with the assistance of Mark Seton from Cinedialogue. The point of the night is not to define sin but to reflect on our culture’s experience of it so that as missioners we might find a new basis for conversation.

This is an issue that has occupied not a small part in my own thoughts so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted.

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