Back From Avoca

Well, we're back from Avoca. Our return travel plans were a bit touch and go for a bit as the F3 (the main freeway connecting Sydney to the Central Coast) was shutdown yesterday due to the bushfires.

We were cut off from home and people from some towns to the South were evacuated by sea. Whilst it threatened to blow out of control the rains today seemed to have put a damper on the seasonal fires for the moment. Must say however, yesteray was a scortcher. The temperature got up to whopping 47C in the shade. Huge! In fact it was still at 37C past 9pm last night. So it could have been a lot worse.

The humidity does seem to be bringing out all the spiders though. Driving back Donna spotted a huntsman on the glove box next to me and we had to pull over while she whacked it with the street directory. Twice Ive had an incident while driving in past three days. I don't mind it when they come in the house but the car is just a bit too much. Anyway other than that the trip was uneventful.

Our time up there was good. Lots of good conversation with some old and new Christian friends. One shark incident – beach was evacuated for 30 minutes – but nothing happened. Just a lot of heat. The beers went down well as you might imagine. Anyway, as you might gather the wife has finally convinced me to install some ducted airconditioning at home.

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