I was reading an article entitled “Switched on, burnt out” in the Sydney Morning Herald today which asks “In the mobile, wireless age we’re available everywhere, 24/7. But at what cost?” What cost indeed?

I found this interesting as it fed directly into some of my personal contemplations from yesterday. After reading through the ancient Judeo-Christian text of Deuteronomy I had found myself asking “What does it mean to hold to the Sabbath today? In the true spirit of the word?” Pundits talk about how we’ve shifted from a producer mindset to a consumer mindset. I though, “Instead of fasting from work each Sunday, maybe we should be focussing more on abstaining from consuming? Wouldn’t that hold more meaning?”

Yet this article highlights how mobile communications are blurring the distinction between work and play. There’s probably a valid case for switching off our phones too. Yet that’s easier said than done. I’m on call 24/7 as a requirement of my job. Fortunately those calls are relatively infrequent, but I can sympathise with those who don’t find it so easy. After all, you wouldn’t want surgeons to turn off there pagers would you? But it makes you ask, “What is truly an essential service?” What this all comes down to though is worship. Are you allowing time to worship God with your full attention? If you truly wish to give him the ‘best portions’ then sooner or later the distractions and demands of the consumer and mobile communications lifestyle must be sabbathed from.

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