Lausanne Conference

This is just a heads up to advise John Smulo is blogging from Hong Kong on the Lausanne Conference on Non-Religious Spirituality in the Post-Modern World.

Start here and work forward for his regular updates on the course of the conversations. They will be charting emerging approaches to apologetics within post-modern contexts, new incarnational mission initiatives and the response of the emerging church amongst other things. 

Other participants include Steve Hollinghurst, Philip Johnson and John Morehead, all of whom are leading thinkers in new emerging forms of incarnational apologetics. Fernando Gros will possibly be catching up with them so keep posted.

For the Aussies, I am organising a post-Lausanne gathering for the 21st October on the return on the Australian contingent so anyone whos interested in joining us can contact me for further details.

5 thoughts on “Lausanne Conference

  1. Matt,
    Thanks for mentioning this. Though I’ll continue to post as much as I can in the next couple days, I’ll be blogging more in depth on this later this week, as we’re fairly busy now with little access to the Internet.
    There’s much in our discussion that we’d like the wider church to interact with. We also believe that there is a great opportunity for those with emerging and missional forms of ecclesiology to interact with alternative spiritualities. Steve Hollinghurst and Sally Coleman have been great examples of this in the UK.


  2. Could someone please explain what “non-religious” spirituality could possibly be??
    Sounds very much like do it yourself so called “spirituality”.
    Unfortunately there is no such thing.
    The ego “I” becomes a “master” with a fool for a disciple!
    This essay explains the timeless principle of true Spiritual Life.
    It also contains a full on critical commentary on the cultural consequences of do it yourself “spirituality”.


  3. John, yes I think “non-religious” spirituality could be described equally well as “do-it-yourself” spirituality so we’re on the same page. I might add that our exploration of this subject includes critical responses as well, though from a Christian perspective of course.


  4. Mr Smulo, say hi to Sally for me. I’d have loved to have come myself and caught up face to face but unfortunately had to turn down the invitation due to work issues. Looking on enviously from the sidelines.


  5. Matt,
    Sally unfortunately wasn’t able to make it. I am disappointed that her and you weren’t able to come, as you both would have had an important contribution to make.
    They’ll be more opportunities, and it looks like more traction, moving forward in the future. So I hope both of you will be able to make it to future gatherings.


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