John Safran vs God

Here’s some classic samples from John Safran vs God.

Rove cops a fatwa

Aboriginal land rights (sorta)

Door knocking on Mormons

Extreme Mormons

Getting a Guru

Religious Boycotts

Judaising the KKK

Guns and scrabble

I love this guy. Totally irreverant though. Only wish I could get my hands on the Bob Larson episode. That was freakin awesome.

Oh, and here’s some Speaking in Tongues segments with Father Bob

Animal Channeller

Rochelle D’Elia gives John a healing

4 thoughts on “John Safran vs God

  1. I need an Advil… my sides are splitting…
    I don’t know about you Ozzies, but I think there’s a thaw on. Anal retentive Canadians are starting to allow humor about groups AGAINST our cherished ‘value’ of tolerance & multiculturalism.
    And I think Dave Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ in the U.S. has put to tinder the Religious Right and neo-cons as caricature.
    …just feel the release of stress in your gut…


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