One thought on “A Look At Wicca through Christian Eyes

  1. That is the great hidden challenge to the bulk of the faith trying to reconnect modern humans with the spiritual. After 2000 years of doing battle against earth religions, it won. But it also lost so much of the spiritual with the advent of science and rationalism.
    Now modern humans are so disconnected from the earth in their cities, life is about objects and numbers, humans truly alone in a universe of molecules that we can control. So God has gone the way of the spirit world, lost in the dominance of the intellect over the heart. The heart is truly a strange thing now, and we only have our intellect to conjure up the imagination to let the spiritual to try to awaken against this incredible intellectual force and daily experience.
    I think it is harder now than in Jesus’ time, when society still had a common spiritual awareness. Though religion has accurately diagnosed the ‘ego’ in certain kinds of ‘paganism,’ it inadvertently lost a greater spirituality. Science is the product of that victory of the Church. Now the Church struggles against the repercussions. So our connection to God, the Earth, the spirit world, everything must bow and debate the hidden modern civilized assumptions we are born into.
    Without an accurate evaluation of the different types of ‘paganism,’ the Church has a hard time recognizing those that kept the Creator as the core of their understanding of humans, Earth, Creation and God.


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