Some time ago I started a poll of visitors to this blog, posing the question "What is your understanding of God?" You can view the results here.

As expected, "monotheist" visitors ranked first by a good margin, but there was also a strong showing from "panentheist" visitors. The surprise for me was the number of "atheist" visitors. Still wondering what to make of that and the number of "other" visitors.

2 thoughts on “What is your understanding of God?

  1. Congrats, Matt!
    Your whole purpose here is to make Christianity accessible to people beyond the fortress walls of orthodox theology.
    It is rare to see Christians acknowledging ‘the competition.’ Acknowledgment is the first step in communication. It give them hope that civilization may be able to see the Light of the Savior standing in Light, and not just being a ‘night light,’ standing in the dark.


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