Psalms: Haiku style

I was meditating on the Psalms last night and in the process a few bubbled back out in Haiku form. Bit rough but I thought I would share them.

Psalm 19
The heavens declare
The glory of God and the
Skies proclaim his strength

Psalm 42

My soul thirsts for God
He’s been elusive of late
Tears have been my food.

Psalm 47
Within your temple
We meditate on your love.
Unfailing. Awesome.

3 thoughts on “Psalms: Haiku style

  1. The brevity is one of the reasons I like haiku style. It invites you to express a single moment, a single emotion, with real immediacy. And the best haiku are truly sublime. Of the above I personally like the Psalm 42 one the best. There were more but…well, they felt more awkward. I’m sitting on them for the moment.
    For some time I have been experimenting with using haiku as an aid to private worship. As a way of expressing devotion, without music, wherever I find myself, with an economy of words.


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