Latest news: Hamo has taken over the helm of Forge in Oz. Didn’t see that one coming. I mean, we’ve all known Alan Hirsch was abandoning us (just rubbin it in mate!) for quite some time, leaving these perfect Australian shores for (queue ominous music) the dark empire. But I suppose I just assumed Mike Frost would be taking on the running of things locally in Hirsch’s absence. Guess I assumed wrong. And I guess we now know the reason behind Hamo’s recent blogging hiatus. Best of luck guys.

Oh, and I hear the balloon is out and a surfboard is in for Dangerous Stories III conference next year?!

4 thoughts on “Hamo to Forge the Next Gen Forge

  1. Hehehe Matt. Good one. Actually, I like the theme. And yes, we are thinking seriously about #III.
    I thought it was a shark fin Neal!
    Frosty is way to busy to elad Forge. He is still in there somewhere.


  2. Very funky Matt!
    Funnily enough the new role and the blog fast aren’t at all related – at least not in my mind. Maybe in the grander scheme of things God has a plan…
    Love the imagery!


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