NSW Elections: Has Labour Grown Too Arrogant?

Well, so much for representative government! The silence from Nathan Rees, the Australian Labour Party (ALP) candidate for the Toongabbie electorate, my electorate, has been deafening.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I wrote to Nathan Rees some weeks ago asking his position on multiculturalism and the environment, particularly in terms of what actions and policies he would be supporting as representative of Toongabbie. I thought this would be a golden opportunity for him to explain himself, but no, nadda.

As a consequence my niggling concerns with the current Labour government have seriously deepened. With a swing of 16% required to unseat labour in Toongabbie it would appear that Nathan Rees doesn't give a toss about answering questions asked by those whom he would represent. This reinfoces my preceptions that Labour has grown arrogant in it's many years of government. I find it particularly worrying when the right wing Liberal party has a better solution to the water crisis and could hardly do any worse with public transport. Environmental policy is supposed to be a strength of Labour, not a weakness.

I find Kevin Rudd a breath of fresh air in federal politics but it seems I am having serious doubts about his state counterpart, Morris Iemma, and his team. Maybe we need a change of government at state and federal levels.

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