Skyclad: Ginkworld Style

I was surfing the emerging church ezine, Ginkworld, earlier tonight and came across some interesting comments by John O'Keefe on being 'unzipped' or naked before God and others. 

"… when i started to think about this idea of "standing before God unzipped" i realized that it was the same thing – i do not need to stand before God unzipped, no one needs to stand before God "unzipped." God sees us naked as we are, God knows all the parts of our life and all the problems we live with – so, to "stand before God unzipped" seems silly. but, when you think of standing before yourself and your community of faith unzipped, naked, the idea takes on a whole different meaning." 

"you see, God is not asking us to stand before him unzipped, but he is asking us to do so before yourself and others, our community of faith, unzipped and open. think of it this way, if you can not stand with your community of faith and share your most horrid secrets, your most inner feelings, every hurt you have had and how you honestly feel at any given time – then that community is not worth living in and if you can not express your heart to others, you are never honest enough with yourself to matter. the idea of being so honest, so open, so accepting of others is scary to must people, but it should not be to those of us who follow christ."

I of course instantly thought of the whole Wiccan skyclad thing. Maybe there's something to this. I'll sleep on it tonight – no not naked.

One thought on “Skyclad: Ginkworld Style

  1. LOL, there aren’t too many Christians who would actually want to pray naked, even in private. It is more comforting to know that God knows us naked, so we don’t have to face the actual feelings from the experience.
    If you can’t face God in the buff, but only conceptually, I don’t think the Church politic is ready to face our naked selves. Besides baring our souls, we would have to face everyone else’s angels and monsters. Speaking one’s truth and facing the truth of others’ coming back at you would be, perhaps, even harder than facing God nude.
    The Church does much better one issue at a time, controlled in a consensus of allowable behavior. Christianity is all about human relations, and the God-human pipeline. We could experiment with bare honesty of ourselves, but then we would have to re-discover the divinity in our own privacy, and go back to the politics.


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