Continuing on from yesterdays post on Peter Garrett, I thought it would be a useful exercise to compile a list of parliamentary material on Christianity in Australian politics.

But it appears such a list is already in existence. See my search results from the Parliament of Australia website here.

Of particular interest to me was the speech by Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd, here entitled "Christianity, the Australian Labor Party and current challenges in Australian politics: [Speech at] National Forum on Australian's Christian Heritage: Parliament House, Canberra: 7 August 2006" This was given before his elevation to the party leadership.

While I can see potential for negative outcomes if the left merely imitates the right in trying to monopolize Christianity, at this point I take Kevin Rudd and Peter Garrett's stance as a welcome counterbalance to the 'religious right' as it is so commonly, but somewhat erroneously, called. I smirk with glee at the results of the latest opinion poles and the unsettled behaviour of Australian Prime Minister John Howard over recent weeks.

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