If you reside in Melbourne, Australia and have some free time Monday evening you might just want to drop in to the book launch of “Curious Obsessions in the History of Science and Spirituality” by Rachael Kohn.

Rachael in the well regarded host of “The Spirit of Things” on ABC Radio National and author of “The New Believers”, an exploration of contemporary trends in spirituality. I often download her programs to listen on my iPod on the way to work.

I received an invite from her yesterday but unfortunately it won’t be practical for me to attend. I do think I’ll check it out once it hits the bookstands though. The promo blurb states:

“Curious Obsessions in the History of Religion and Science, from Radio National’s Rachael Kohn, is a captivating look at the famous and the forgotten, at episodes – both extraordinary and disastorous – from the past that, whether in astronomy or medicine or the New Age, exert their far-reaching influences today. It is one of the delicious quirks of history that individuals dismissed by their contemporaries as eccentrics and mad are often those who have most impact on the world. The frontiers of religion and science have always been pushed forward by obsessive passion and vision.”

Sounds interesting don't you think?

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