If you’ve been reading this blog long enough you’re no doubt aware that I am part of a group that cut its missional teeth engaging with spirituality seekers in alternative festivals.

But what are these festivals like? Having advocated alternative festivals as opportunities for “third place” mission on many occasions,  I thought, hmmm, maybe it is about time I tried to give you a wee glimpse of what I am actually talking about. It’s not quite the same as the coffee shop and pub based mission that you normally hear about in emerging church conversations about “third places”. No, its is a bit different, as you’ll soon see. So, here is a selection of vids from various festivals around Australia.

Alternate Festivals in Australia

Winter Magic Festival Katoomba 2007

Confest (see also the Fire Twirling)

Rainbow Serpent Festival 2007

Mardi Grass Nimbin

Under the Blue Moon, Sydney

Unfortunately I don’t have any vids of the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney or the Psychic fair at Mingara, but I do have one of an equivalent exhibition in the US that you can view here.

Now, some of these are wilder and some are more commercial, some are more party focussed and some are more community focussed. But they all provide space where people can explore new things and converse over spiritual issues. Should Christians not be part of the conversation?

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