Aquarius Rising

Aquarius-rising I dropped into Aquarius Rising at Parramatta at the start of the week and got talking to the owner, Regina, about book sales, her personal experiences and various esoteric subjects.

Anyway, during the course of our conversation I recall she mentioned Matrix Energetics by Richard Bartlett as one book to keep an eye on. Also, it seems some are getting excited about further paradigm shifts with the approach of 2012, the end date of the Mayan calendar. I think this site and Alignment 2012 ecapsulate the essential concepts.

3 thoughts on “Aquarius Rising

  1. hey matt, this was interesting. i followed the links and did a little overview reading. i spent some time with the rainbow family of light a number of years ago. i imagine many of them would embrace these concepts. the depth of the mayans’ knowledge of the stars is amazing to me.


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