I was checking out some world Christian music this evening and came across an interesting collection of South Asian Christian tracks here.

They are in various languages, including Hindi and Punjabi, and, beyond stimulating my eclectic interests, I personally found them thought provoking because we have a lot of Hindi and Punjabi speakers in our area, some of whom are friends. Hmmm, thoughts of “alternative worship” of a different sort to what normally goes by that name in emerging church circles stirs up.

Anyway, the tracks are different to say the least and, to my ears, of varying quality, but I thought I would share them.

Actually, I want to let you in on something more; I have been having this idea grow over the last few weeks of trying to do something similar for Christian music as I have already done for Christian art. Of drawing together one of the worlds largest collections of truly alternative Christian music. Just as I have tried to deconstruct stereotyped images of Jesus with my art collection, I would like to deconstruct stereotyped perceptions of Christian music with an archive of downloadable music and music videos.

In line with this I would be interested in hearing what fires peoples imagination. Haunting Celtic tunes? Colourful Indian music? Harmonious African singing? Edgy Metal, Punk and Goth tracks? Relaxing Ambient track? Is there anything unusual you’ve come across in your journey?

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