Christian Art | Political

I have just launched a new Christian art gallery; only this time the focus is political Jesus scenes, signs and symbols. Guaranteed to stir up feelings, but this time I suspect adoration won't be one of them. Hopefully not anyway, or you haven't been reading this blog properly. Feel free to vent spleens.

4 thoughts on “Christian Art | Political

  1. Most of them are scary. Scary because of the truth that they portray regarding the view many people have of Jesus.
    I did see some positive value in the WWJD poster though…


  2. I was struck by the american flag fish with Jesus inside. It hit me just how much this strikes at what we do with Jesus. First we make Jesus fit within our specific model of christianity (the fish). And then we make that fit within our cultural climate (the flag). And as much as I’d love to sit back as an Aussie and pretend that doesn’t happen here – “lies make baby Jesus cry”


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