Blacktown Mosque Open Day 2007

Blacktown_mosque I got a number of hits earlier today from someone searching for information on the Auburn Mosque 2007 open day. For overseas readers, Auburn is a suburb in Western Sydney. This piqued my curiosity as I thought, “Hey I wonder if the annual open day is on again around now?”

I haven’t been to one of these open days since I visited a few years ago, but I like keeping up with religious events around Australia so I went looking. Well, searching for “Auburn Mosque 2007 open day” drew a blank but what I did find was equally interesting. What I found was that the Affinity Intercultural Foundation has information on various Mosque open days around Sydney. It seems they’re shifting which mosque they do each year now. Apparently the 2007 open day was at Blacktown Mosque instead.

Damn, that’s right near me, that would have been interesting. Anyway the Blacktown Mosque story is here and the list of annual events is here.

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