Christians and Pagans in Conversation: Beyond the Burning Times

This theme of this month’s Synchroblog — Christianity and NeoPaganism – is one that regular readers of Journeys In Between will immediately recognize as being right up my ally. I hope to contribute to this discussion by focusing on some of the practical challenges, and unexpected opportunities, Christians may encounter in conversations with NeoPagans at work, at play and online. Though the relevance of this topic to the Emerging Church may not be immediately apparent to some leaders, I hope to demonstrate how Post-modernity and Paganism are intimately connected, and that learning to listen to and understand New Religious Movements in our midst, in this pluralistic society of ours, is an essential skill for outward-focused Christians. As time has gotten away from me (being sick and all) I will be launching this in bite sized chunks over the next few days. In the meantime you can check out my fellow contributors here:

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