BBC News reports the Vatican is about to publish a book which is "expected to shed light on the demise of the Knights Templar, a Christian military order from the Middle Ages."

"The book is based on a document known as the Chinon parchment, found in the Vatican Secret Archives six years ago after years of being incorrectly filed." And the crux of it? it seems Jacques de Moley, leader of the Knights Templar, was not a heretic as has long been thought.

So there you go, the Knights Templars weren't medieval Gnostics or a surviving sect of ancient Egyptian Freemasons or Mary Magdalene Mystery Cult worshippers as the Historical Jesus reconstruction industry has led us to believe. But no doubt fans of "The DaVinci Code" and "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" will see this confession as a Vatican plot to hide the real truth from you. Catholics, sorry, you're not gonna win this either way. LOL. Read the full story at BBC News.

2 thoughts on “Knights Templar Exhonorated By Secret Vatican Archives

  1. This move appears to be in response to the annual campaign by modern-day followers of the Templar tradition.
    A letter to the Pope from living descendents of the Templars appeared in the press in 2004: “We shall witness the 700th anniversary of the persecution of our order on 13th October 2007,” the letter said. “It would be just and fitting for the Vatican to acknowledge our grievance in advance of this day of mourning.”
    On 25 October 2007, exactly 13 days from the morning of the anniversary, an official document will be released by the Vatican absolving the Knights Templar and confirming their innocence.
    Full story with sources and additional reading material:-


  2. Ah Jaques, you must realize I am suspicious of conspiracy sites as a rule of thumb. I’d need to see that backed up by something more official, like say, a pdf of what was actually printed in the press in 2004 or verification from an official website. But thanks for the angle. I did a search after you wrote that and see Tim at Pop Occulture is dragging out all the related conspiracies. Sweet. It seems the rule of Benedict is implicated. You NeoMonastics out there (hi Sally) better watch out.


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