I was checking out the winners of the 2007 Catholic Blog Awards this evening, having now finished my latest Christian counseling assignment. Call me a quirky post-Catholic but when it comes to reading up on the Rule of Benedict I like to read the writings of real Benedictine’s in preference to emerging church / neomonastic bloggers. And through exploring Evangelical Catholicism, a runner up for the “most spiritual blog” I came across Civilization of Love, the reflections of Katerina Ivanovna. A very interesting find. I think I’ll be adding Katerina to my feed reader.

3 thoughts on “Catholic Blog Awards 2007

  1. I notice that one of Katerina’s nine principles is MORTIFICATION.
    My advice would be to be very wary of any and every one who advocates “mortification” of the body as part of a religious or spiritual way of life. See for instance:
    Sex Laughter & God-Realization
    1. http://www.dabase.org/sxlaugod.htm
    Right Religious Spiritual & Human Discipline of the Sexual Function.
    2. http://www.dabase.org/2armP1.htm#ch3a
    The Scale of the Very Small: Establishing Yogic Responsibility for Your Reproductive Potential.
    3. http://www.dabase.org/small.htm
    Reference #3 contains some very frank and open discussion of the conscious use of barrier methods of contraception. Methods to be used at EVERY occasion of sexual embrace, except of course where the couple are intending to conceive.
    Plus these three references talk about the dreadful politics & “culture” inevitably created by those who are (mis)-informed by such a body and sex negative attitude—the war of spirit vs flesh which is now being dramatised all over the planet.
    1. http://www.dabase.org/2armP1.htm#ch2
    2. http://www.beezone.com/jesusandme.html
    3. http://www.adidamla.org/newsletters/newsletter-aprilmay2006.pdf
    It is also interesting that Katerina doesnt even begin to talk about that other world wide manifestation of the anti-“culture” of death brought to one and all via the global arms race. This is also quite typical of right wing catholic culture wars warriors.
    By contrast this set of Spiritually Informed essays provides a very sobering assessment of the point to where the global arms race has brought all of Earthkind to.
    1. http://www.ispeace723.org


  2. Well there are some reasons I am post-Catholic. Never said I endorse everything here, only that I found it interesting. I might say the same for your links John, which I allow through the filters. Just call me a generous guy 🙂


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