Discipleship Ministry at Pendle Hill Baptist Church

You may recall that some weeks ago I was considering the pros and cons of serving in a more localized capacity next year, specifically, on whether to take on leadership of the discipleship ministry at Pendle Hill Baptist Church for 2008?

Well, things have advanced considerably since then and, yes I am going for it, I feel I am being called to it, and the annual general meeting at Pendle Hill where all will be decided is only two weeks away now so we are down to the serious end of things. I have met with the associate pastor who is currently leading it, and the senior pastor, and they are both supportive, so I’d be surprised if the nomination is not accepted by the church, but you never know with these things. Baptists churches are democratic if nothing else.

So, I would ask that, if you feel so called, to pray for God’s hand to be on this on December 2, that we would all be in tune with his will, and that our own would be in second place.

2 thoughts on “Discipleship Ministry at Pendle Hill Baptist Church

  1. That’s awesome Matt! You and your church will be in our prayers. I actually find it quite intriguing that you’re considering taking on the discipleship ministry – do you think this has anything to do with your counselling course?
    I know that I have definitely found discipleship as higher on my ministry interests since taking counselling a and pastoral counselling, and am looking at writing/facilitating some sort of small group program based on improving listening skills and relationships in the church – should be fun!
    Hope everything falls into place if it is God’s will!


  2. Actually Jen in some ways it is the other way around. My interest in discipleship flows directly out of my interest in mission, and over the years I found counseling issues kept coming up in discipling new Christians and other interested enquirers at Mind Body Spirit Festivals and the like.
    So when I was pushed into considering the college thing by you know who last year, counseling just jumped out as the subject to start with. Now it seems its the course I will finish with as well. But all that is to say discipleship has been an interest for a while. I ran an experimental group out of Pendle Hill Baptist for a number of years prior to all this. But I do see the synergies between counseling and discipleship. Even more so now.
    Now the thing is, my real expertise is in mission, but what I have to offer the “missions ministry” is so left of field for the locals that that is never going to work. But the “discipleship ministry” is another story. Particularly since their is some openness to missionalizing the small group network. And introducing improved listening skills, as you mention, that very much figures into all of that.


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