Torture case Won Against Chinese Commerce Minister in NSW Supreme Court (Australia)

This evening I received an email from a guy seeking to raise awareness of a default judgment against Bo Xilai, the Chinese Minister for Commerce, in a torture case before the New South Wales Supreme Court in Australia a few weeks ago.

Normally I delete unsolicited emails out of hand, but this was a little different from your normal Nigerian scam so I thought I’d run some fact finding searches and see what came up.

Well it seems this default judgment may be genuine. This guy has obviously been posting this far and wide, which made me wary at first. But there was a photo of the judgment order along with the email on Sydney Alternative Media, an article on the case in The Australian, a normally reputable news paper, and also some pictures of the plaintiff on the Fulan Dafa website.

If so this means there was a significant human rights victory in Australian a few weeks ago that many of us missed.

It you want to read the whole email see Sydney Alternative Media, as I am not going to reproduce it here, but the gist of it is the default judgment was issued in recognising the failure of  Bo Xilaito provide a defense for the torture case brought against him by Sydney Falun Gong practitioner and Chinese labour camp survivor, Mr Pan Yu.

In the process I learned YouTube has been suspending the accounts and removing the videos of anti-torture activists. Not only has one of the videos associated with this email been removed, but I also learn an Egyptian anti-torture activist had his account suspected as the graphic video evidence of police brutality  he was trying to bring to the attention of the public violated YouTube’s terms of service over violence.

Now there is an ethical conundrum to ponder.

        Should torture videos be allowed to get out …

                        … or should graphic content be banned?

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