Australia Day Synchroblog

If you’re an Aussie blogger I have a question for you. Are you interested in doing a spot of synchronized blogging on Australia Day in 2008?

Christianity in Australia
The proposed topic is “Christianity in Australia” and the idea would be for each person participating to write a post (or more if you like) on what “Christianity in Australia” brings to mind for you.

It could be about your own personal experiences as a Christian in Oz or about the broader challenges you feel the Christian movement faces down under. How do you see the challenges of secular culture and religious pluralism and shifts in church participation? Is there anything unique about Aussie Christianity and our spiritual identity? What are your personal dreams and struggles? You could limit your musings to your own tradition or stream or talk about something completely different. Really, what you write on is up to you as long as it fits broadly into this reflective Australia Day theme.

If you are interested leave a comment here. I will be producing a list of all participants so we can each add this to our posts, so everyone links everyone on the day.

Also, if you have friends who may possibly be interested, please pass this onto them as I would like to get as many Aussie Christian bloggers involved in this “Christianity in Australia” conversation as possible. Hope to see you in January.

Oh, and expats are welcome.

17 thoughts on “Australia Day Synchroblog

  1. Dude, look at the list of “Australian Christian Bloggers” on my web site for a list of people to invite. (I’ll add blogs I’ve found through this post soon). I have criteria for the list of at least one post a month and at least 1 in 4 posts need to be of a religious nature. I might relax the ratio to 1:5 or 1:6 in order to highlight more ACB bloggers.
    I’m keen to establish a more visible ACB community.
    Count me in for Australian Day.
    To everyone, email me if you know of more Aussie Christian bloggers.


  2. It sounds great. I’ll just say yes, and then hope that my notorious lack of discipline and easily-distracted nature can be brought to heel on the day.


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