Plaincouraultchristianmushroomtrees Never let it be said that my taste for the strange and unusual has wained. Here is my latest find, a site dedicated to "Christian Mushroom Trees."

I must warn that the darn thing locked up my computer for a few minutes while all the images downloaded (one of the eccentricities of the site author is a shunning of thumbnails) but you are in for a sweet, sweet journey once you get there.  Entheogenic eucharists, Freudian fungi, Messianic mandrakes, DaVinci Code like trawling through medieval Christian art, what more could a connoisseur of arcane mysteries wish for!

I've a mind to send this one in to Ship of Fools so they can add it to their list. Now the gauntlet is down, top this if you dare!

3 thoughts on “Christian Mushroom Trees

  1. I once met a guy who claimed, not only that aliens started the church to enslave humanity, but that he himself had been abducted by an alien. His girlfriend razzed him that he had been smoking dope at the time but he was so insistent I was one over ;-D He warned me to watch out for blond, blue eyed people as they had alien DNA. Let that be a warning to you too! Actually if you follow the “more Christian art” link below you’ll find a whole collection of alien Jesi. Spooooky 🙂


  2. That site is truly wierd…I only took a quick peek ( thankfully a decent broadband conncetion saved my computer from freezing up)….when I am feeling brave and have a little less work to do I’ll take another look.


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