I received a request from Julie Clawson today that is very appropriate for Australia Day:

Hi –
Over at the Emerging Women blog we are starting a new series which will highlight the stories of women leaders in the church.  The purpose of this is to raise awareness of how women are serving God and to encourage women who often feel like they can’t find female role models to learn from.  We are seeking to interview women involved various leadership positions in the church who are also connected (in ways however large or small) to the emerging church conversation.  We have a great group of women to feature so far, but at the moment they are all American.  I would love to feature the voices of women from around the world and was wondering if you could possibly help out with that.  If you know of emergingish women leaders in Australia it would be a huge help if you could let us know about them. 

Julie Clawson

Is this of interest to some of you? I think it would be fantastic for some of the Aussie women who drop in here to get in touch with Julie and join in. Email her at julieclawson (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re interested in Australian women having a voice in the conversation. And let me know if you do as I’d like to link whatever you write here too!

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