Gnostic Jesus

Gnostic-wisdom-of-jesus In my wanderings this week I came across a drawing entitled, "The Gnostic Wisdom of Jesus" by artist Wade Smith.

It has a very trippy dreamscape feel about it which I found quite appealing but it raises the age old question of which Jesus are we actually talking about? The Jesus of ancient tradition or the Jesus of latter day speculation? Is the Jesus we are talking about a real person or just a projection screen for our personal fantasies?

I think this is an important question to answer as a fantasy Jesus lacks the power to challenge us in our fantasies.

Today, on Good Friday, I am reminded that crucifixion, death, is as real as it gets.

One thought on “Gnostic Jesus

  1. How can we really depict the horror and suffering of the crucifixion, most Art can not.
    I have seen a lot of Christian Art.
    Usually, just to subtly show that Jesus is God to us, his cross is the highest one up, and he is a tall figure bowing his head. This is not one crucifixion is.
    Sometimes our own personal beliefs get in the way of really depicting it.
    I mean, look at the traditional symbol of the cross, so perfect and symetrical.
    Also, there is barely any blood or things to indicate that Jesus was suffering in most Christian art.
    There’s Jesus, his crown of thorns is places like an actual crown without the hint of pain and the nails are there, but the pain can’t be seen.
    That’s my rant, incoherent, but I think the point gets across.


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