The 2008 Jesus conspiracy has finally emerged!

You may recall me expressed disappointment last week (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) that the usual Easter cash in was conspicuously absent this year. Well, you need wait no longer. A reader just alerted me to this new movie, Bloodline.

You can view the trailer at

Priory of Sion, Opus Dei, Templars, Freemasons, nasty Vatican men hiding secrets, Jesus and Mary getting down and dirty, Holy Blood Holy Grail,…it looks like we may have a full house. Although Egyptian mystery religions, Gnostics and Cathars were not mentioned in the teaser I’m quite confident they will show up.

Now, I’ll award a bonus prize if there is an Egyptian stargate to the constellation of Orion that will open in 2012, ushering in the eschaton.

Postscript: Wait, Egyptian mystery religion has turned up.

From the official Bloodline blog:

“Can you imagine the extraordinary energy that Mary Magdalene embodied, as a master of the mysteries of Isis, and the companion of Jesus? Is it any wonder the Holy Roman Catholic Church suppressed her true identity?”


6 thoughts on “Jesus Conspiracy – Part II

  1. Pffft! Those blood-grail theories are for mere amateurs.
    Here’s a little gem which says Revelation was written in 1486 CE, and that Jesus himself was only born in 1053 CE.

    I’m intrigued to imagine Jesus and Anselm sitting down to chat; perhaps on this view they were Augustine’s ghost-writers?


  2. Seriously?
    These writers need to be…. original. If they’re gonna come up with a conspiracy at least make it new and not totally ripped off.


  3. Oh … pshaw … that’s an old one. I’ve seen others where Mary Magdalene is an incarnation of Ishtar as well. Or Venus … pick your goddess.
    For some fun (if old) reading on conspiracy theories, get “Chariots of the Gods” and it’s iterations. That’s sure to keep you howling for quite some time.


  4. Old theory sure, but they’re hinting that they actually have a body this time – of Mary Magdalene no less – and that DNA testing will finally prove the bloodline theory beyond all doubt.
    Here is the footage which will change EVERYTHING … so they say.

    Convinced now you doubting Thomas’s!?


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