Called Together

Is the contemporary understanding of “calling” too individualistic?

In exploring the question, “How can you believe you’re a minister when the church keeps telling you your not?” Richard R Broholm advanced this conclusion:

“Unless we are prepared to suggest the calling of the religious professional is a higher calling than that of the laity … we must either be prepared to do away with the ordination of the clergy or move to provide for the ordination of all Christians to their ministries of service in the world.” 1

What is your understanding of “calling”?

I experienced a call early on in my Christian walk. When I asked God what he would have me do the answer I got was “stay where you are”. God was rather clear about it in fact.

1 Peck, G. and Hoffman, J. 1984, The Laity in Ministry: The Whole People of God for the Whole World, Judson Press, Valley Forge, PA, 25

2 thoughts on “Called Together

  1. interesting quote- and one I happen to agree with, I do believe there is a place for “clergy” whose role is to enable and equip the church for ministry, but also that all Christians are Ministers and need to be recognise and recognise themselves as such!!!


  2. Yes, I affirm the role of clergy as “overseers” of the process of equipping the whole church for ministry. But consequently, I deny clergy have a monopoly on ministry and are no more called than anyone else. Lay calling is different but no different. Genuine recognition requires concrete expression. I think we, all of us, should lay hands on laity who genuinely embrace lay ministry, sending laity out into the world with everyone’s blessing. I am consequently exploring “sending” prayer more lately.


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