Church Building Project

Sunday should prove to be interesting. I have not mentioned this before but I am currently part of the church property committee tasked with developing a master plan for our modest facilities. Well, we’re presenting our proposal on Sunday.

This may come as a surprise to some of you since I have been vocally denounced excessive church focus on buildings on many an occasion. Well, there are two reasons why I got on board. Firstly, as a Facility Manager, I have some of the best professional qualifications in our church when it comes to construction projects, so I thought I should make my experience available. Secondly, I would rather work with the church towards a constructive outcome than abstain from the process. And I do think we have come up with a constructive outcome.

The committee was originally tasked with considering whether or not to buy an adjacent property, given an opportunity which had come up, but it is now considering something quite different. A rather more modest proposal which will, we all think, be of much more immediate benefit to the church, and not be so likely to lock us down financially. Sunday we will see if the church agrees.

I think it will, because I and a number of others pushed for early consultation with the whole church, and our plans were reshaped by feedback we received from a survey and property forum, rather significantly in fact. And I think they are all the better for that.

Whatever the result, the good outcome we have already had through this is that we worked through some rather difficult decisions … together. There was real process, real unity.

One thought on “Church Building Project

  1. Postscript – the proposal for extending the church facilities was accepted and a motion was carried to set up a building fund and engage an architect to take things to the next stage. That this has gone so smoothly is I think a testament to the importance of engaging the community in the process and being open to the leading of the Spirit in the process.


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