Robert Banks on Faith in Leadership

I received an email from Kentigern yesterday advising that Robert Banks will be speaking at the Faith in Leadership conference at the Uniting Church Centre for Ministry in North Parramatta in July.

For those not familiar with him, Robert Banks is the Director and Dean of Macquarie Christian Studies Institute in Australia. Previously he was founding Professor of the Ministry of the Laity at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, and Executive Director of the De Pree Leadership Center. He is a well respected writer on house church and lay ministry, having penned such books as “The Church Comes Home” and “Paul’s Idea of Community: The Early House Churches in Their Cultural Setting”

Other speakers include Glen Powell from Café Church

See the Faith in Leadership brochure for further information

One thought on “Robert Banks on Faith in Leadership

  1. Hi, the event sounds interesting. Since you are looking at Banks, I thought you might find some value in a review of his book, “Paul’s idea of Community.”


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