Globe-australia Fellow bloggers, you may be a glocal journalist.

According to Doug McGill, glocal journalism is about “trying to illuminate for readers the connections between their local communities and the international world.” 

For myself, I find I do this integration work on multiple levels. As a Christian I am interested in the connections between Christianity and other world religions. As an evangelical I am interested in the connections between evangelicalism and other Christian traditions. As an Australian I am interested in the connections between the antipodes and everywhere else. And because this is multifaceted, I find you guys, my readers, take interest at different levels too.

But in practice these different threads can become significantly intertwined.

In reading McGill’s article I was intrigued by this concept of a “worldplace” that he spoke of, as the focus of glocal journalism. I expect we could alternatively speak of “globalized locales”.

In the sense that every place is increasingly connected to every other place, people could be forgiven for concluding that place no longer matters. But it does. It gives this blog much of its flavour. What drives me here is questions of how everything impacts this locale, this place, my community. And how they impact the world. So it would be inaccurate to suggest I am writing on every religion impacting on every other religion – what I am writing on is “open Christianity”, on how Christianity impacts other religions and is impacted by other religions. In a similar fashion I am writing on “open Australia” and “open evangelicalism”. It’s an inclusive focus, one that invites participation, but it’s not an exhaustive focus. It puts a different spin on things.

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