Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons

In the news yesterday: “The Italian Catholic church has refused to let a new movie based on a Dan Brown novel be filmed in churches in Rome after the author’s The Da Vinci Code novel and film outraged the Vatican.” Now the question of course is should the Vatican feel obliged to open its doors for Angels and Demons?

4 thoughts on “Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons

  1. Should the Vatican feel obliged to allow filmmakers into their Churches to treat them like nothing more than a set for a film that undermines what they stand for? Of course not! My problems with Roman Catholicism aside, the destructive historical reconstruction and fabrication of Dan Brown is not something any church should support. They are of course free to make their movie if they want, but I wouldn’t want that movie made in my church, even if his stupid mediocre novels kept me up all night glued to the page…


  2. Yes, I doubt there are do many committed Christians who would begrudge the Vatican for taking this stance. I wonder how non-Christians feel though. I can’t help remembering back to when my cousin got married some years back. She wanted to get married in a beautiful church, but complained bitterly when the priest refused to eliminate all the Christian elements from the ceremony. She seemed to think that churches were somehow obliged to do this as public service. This is what I would call confusion of church and state from the secular end.


  3. Well they won’t let the Mormons microfilm their baptism, marriage and burial records either, because of concerns that their dead members will be proselytised.


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