Jim Wallis book launch

If you are in Sydney and would like to catch the launch of Jim Wallis’ new book, Seven Ways to Change the World, then Wesley Mission is the place to be next week. The address for Wesley Mission is 220 Pitt Street, Sydney on Monday, 28 July 2008. The book launch will be at 11:00am. There is no entrance fee.

Jim Wallis breakfast

Or if you would prefer to catch up with Jim Wallis over breakfast instead, you can do so at the Waterview Convention Centre, Bicentennial Park, Shirley Strickland Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park, where he will be joined by World Vision's CEO Tim Costell for a talk on "Reviving faith and politics:
How people of faith can make a difference to the social and global challenges of our time"
. The breakfast is 7am to 9am. The cost for the breakfast is $30. RSVP here.

For those unfamiliar with Jim Wallis, he is the President and Executive Director, Sojourners. Previous books include, "God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It".

So, what's your view on faith and politics?

  • Should faith and politics be separated?
  • Was Jesus political?
  • If so, in what sense?
  • Was Jesus left or right?

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