Praying for peace in India

Yesterday, during our Sunday service, we were informed that some of the Indian members of our congregation were requesting prayer for Christians currently suffering persecution at the hands of Hindu extremists in back in India. So today I thought I would check out the situation and here is what I found on CNN:

Indian state erupts in violence after Hindu shot
20 feared dead as Hindu-Christian riots spread in India
Indian Maoist group: We killed Hindu leader

It would seem that what happened was that some Atheist extremists shot a Hindu leader, then Hindu extremists attacked the Christians in retaliation, sparking a riot which left 20 dead. The violence left Christian churches and Hindu temples razed to the ground.

I would just prayer for peace amongst Athiests, Hindus and Christians. We recently said goodbye to one of out own who was returning to India to continue working with orphans. To hear a Christian orphanage was burned with people inside hits close to home.

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