5 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll returning to Australia?

  1. “where it seems missional thinking is finally starting to catch on.”
    hey – thats funny. i should send that sentence to alan hirsch and mike frost. he he he


  2. I am sure that, like me, Frostie and Hirschie would be interested but cautious about how seriously we should take this new found interest. I am not sure how many have realized yet that gospel contextualization may require that they quietly abandon their “two ways to live” tracts and the various clones of it that Mathias Media promotes. Its a bit of a sacred cow. Burning your plastic Jesus is one thing, burning your plastic gospel is another.


  3. Hehe Matt. Maybe one day I will be invited to talk to the Sydney Anglicans. I do hope so. In the meantime I am rather frozen out.
    You mention this as the arrival of missional Christianity on the Sydney scene. It looks more like Billy Graham Naughties style to me. big events and evangelistic rallies. Have things really shifted??


  4. Lets be honest thought, for the Sydney Anglicans (like the New Frontiers crowd Driscoll has been speaking to over here recently), he is encouraging, he makes them feel that you can be “trendy” and “edgy” without being challenged about theology, the place of women, attitude to other Christians who think differently to you, being gracious etc. etc.


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