Experience of a Christian Yogi

A very interesting story by a Christian yogi. Seems somewhat syncretist but interesting all the same. Check out also where he demonstrates and explains his way of praying the Lord's prayer in the manner of the yogic salutations to the sun.

  • Do you have any experience of yoga?
  • Do you recognize where this could raise questions from a Christian perspective?
  • Does this method of praying, using the whole body, strike you in any way?

2 thoughts on “Experience of a Christian Yogi

  1. Matt as you know I practice tai-chi, and often find tai-chi sessions a great place to pray, the act of using the whole body in prayer is not unusual in many cultures, it is in the “dualistic” west where we find this unusual and difficult to unerstand.
    Like you I believe there is an element of syncretisim in what the yogi is saying, but he brings us other challenges.


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