Chakras in the book of Revelation?

Chakras-kundalini Egalitarian approaches to Christian leadership sound good in theory, but in practice I find they do not always work so well, particularly when practiced amongst people who have no idea about what constitutes sound Bible interpretation. If you ever needed a demonstration of how badly the uninitiated can mix it up, I found an interpretation floating around which relates the seven shakras of Kundalini yoga to the seven churches of the book of Revelation. Check these sites out:

7 Churches are Chakras
Seven 7 Chakras: The Seven Congregations of Revelation
The Seven Churches of the Revelation

One thought on “Chakras in the book of Revelation?

  1. Now that’s a winner. I’ve never come across that link before. But then, the Sahaja Yoga bunch do consider Shri Mataji the incarnation of the Holy Spirit so it’s not too far a stretch for them…


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